Keleusmatic Technologies provides technology solutions for all of our client partners. While technology can be straight forward the design, implementation and integration to yield the desired results can be illusive.

♦      Network Design and Implementation

Network Infrastructure is a now crucial commodity forming the foundation of any business operation regardless of the product or services that are provided. It is the means by which transactions are carried and provides the means by which business is conducted. In listening to our client partners’ requirements and desires, we can design and tailor an infrastructure to our client partners, instead of just implementing the newest and latest networking technology and trend. With the design in place, we can either procure and implement the solution, or assist our client partners in the procurement of the solution.

♦      Technology Services Integration

In a world of network hyper connected devices, just connecting devices to the network is only the first step. Ensuring secure network communication, through network design, segmentation and implementation is paramount to successful system deployment and operational systems. We assist in the coordination of applications development ensuring all components function as designed.

♦    Delivery Oversight

Successful project completion is the goal for all corporations, small businesses, and individuals in general. Project Management, as a discipline is the way most entities try to ensure the proper outcome. Delivery Oversight not only completes the project management tasks, but also fills in the coordination gaps between stakeholders and implementation teams. In the construction general contracting world, we assist by filling a role that equates a Project and Technology specific entity combining all the functions of a Designer, Project Manger, Project Engineer and Discipline Specific Site Superintendent into a single streamlined group, allowing for the ability for everyone to speak the same language.

♦      Airport Consultancy

Operating an Airport is an orchestration, before the addition of refreshing, expansions and improvements. Our Airport Consultancy Services include assistance and advisement of Capital Improvement Project Management, Airline Liaisons, Technology Systems Design, Upgrades and Integration.